Frequently asked questions

How are the log stores built?

The base, sides and back of each log store is made in solid, 25mm (1 inch) thick timber to create a secure structure that is capable of supporting several tonnes of logs, if necessary.

Our Classic A stores are made of Larch.

All of our made-to-measure log stores are made from Douglas fir with a Norway spruce roof.

The base, sides and back are all ventilated to provide good air circulation around the stacked logs. The roof is made of overlapping boards, which slope at 30 degrees to shed water after a rainstorm so it can dry out.

The roof is shower-proof. The timber is a natural material and the gaps between the boards are not sealed, so there may be the occasional minor ingress of water during a severe storm. This will have no significant affect on the dryness of the stored logs.

Are the log stores treated?

The timber in our log stores is untreated because we consider it is not necessary. Our experience so far is bearing this out.

Timber is liable to degrade if it gets wet and stays damp. Typically problems occur when timber is in ground contact or built into damp walls. Your log store has been designed to shed water when it rains and to dry out after the shower has passed. Log stores should always be sited in well-ventilated areas so that the logs themselves can dry out if they are fresh or stay dry if they arrive seasoned. Please see “Locating you log store” below for recommended practice to keep the runners dry.

Further, timber preservatives themselves create environmental hazards, and the disposal of any treated timber has to be through landfill rather than through recycling or burning.

Where should I locate my log store?

You are buying a log store either to season wet logs prior to burning them or to keep logs dry that have already been seasoned. So it is important to choose a site that is well ventilated avoiding a cul-de-sac where there is little air movement. Facing into the sun is less important as the sun’s rays will only catch the outward facing edges of the logs whereas moving air gets through the whole stack.

There are substantial gaps between the boards on the back of an Edistone log store to help the air flow around the logs. So we advise you to leave a gap of about 5cm (2 inches) between the back of the log store and any wall or fence behind it.

The runners supporting the log store should be protected from harbouring water. An ideal surface is well-drained gravel, concrete slabs or a wooden deck (if it is sufficiently strong to support the weight of the fully loaded store). You should avoid sitting the log store on grass or soil. Pads of slate under the runners would be useful.

The area you prepare to receive your log store will need to support the runners that go from front to back. The Classic A log store and One-bay Style log stores all have four runners, equally spaced across the width. Two-bay Style log stores have seven runners equally spaced across the width.

Can doors be fitted?

Wood for burning needs to be as dry as possible: this means that it should be stored in a well-ventilated environment to dry and to maintain a low moisture content. Conventional panel doors prevent the free circulation of air, which is why we do not advise them.

However, we have developed a ventilated door that matches the style of our log stores. We would still advise wood stores to be open fronted whenever possible, but suitable doors are available if requested.

Can the log stores be stained?

Some of our customers have chosen to colour their log stores to match the house or garden décor. That is fine but we recommend that you only use a stain which allows the timber to breathe. Normal paints should be avoided as the sawn surfaces cannot be fully sealed and there is every likelihood of trapping water which might cause the timber to deteriorate.

Is long term care necessary?

The body of our Classic log store is made of Larch and our made-to-measure log stores is Douglas fir. Each of these timber species are classed as red woods – which gives the wood a glorious warm tint when the timber is freshly sawn. Like all species of timbers, the colour will gradually change to grey when exposed to sunlight. This is only a surface effect and does not affect the strength of the timber. You can choose to stain the log store if you wish to keep a particular colour that matches the design of your garden or house.

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