Style B Log storeStyle B one-bay log store

Style B two bay Log storeStyle B two-bay log store


Style B one bay Log storeStyle B one bay log store with kindling shelf

Style B two bay Log storeStyle B two bay log store with kindling shelf


Custom B log store with doors.jpgStyle B log store with with doors. This one also has a kindling shelf, which is hidden from view.


Style B log store N461.jpg

Style B log store with four bays overlooking the Menai Strait


Log store dimensions

Log store b2 dimensions

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Price: These log stores are made-to-measure and priced individually according to the size you require. All of the pictures shown on this page are examples of units we have made for customers. The dimensions and price shown under each picture are given only as a guide.

You can have just one bay, or two or more bays. Just tell us how many you need.

The prices start from £305 including VAT and delivery. These prices cover delivery to much of the mainland UK. Delivery to remoter areas, the islands and Ireland will cost a little more and this will be included is any quotation you may request.

We accept payment by credit card, debit card or by bank transfer.

Availability: Lead time is currently two to three weeks, depending on size and complexity.

To obtain a quotation: Select the quote button or call us on 01691 648016. Please see the diagrams above for size options.

Style B log stores are particularly suited to sites with a restricted height where the Style A with a forward sloping roof would have an unrealistically low front opening height

A kindling shelf or doors can be fitted as an option.

This log store is suitable for locating in front of a hedge or a garden wall. However, as any rain will drip off the rear edge, it is unsuitable for positioning against a house or shed wall unless a wider gap or a suitable gutter is provided by yourselves.

The dimensions we can accommodate are:


  • ONE bay: 60-190cm
  • TWO or MORE bays: 90 – 180cm per bay

Height: 90-200cm

Depth: 35-80cm

If you can provide us with the measurements you would like, we will prepare a log store design and give you a price and provisional delivery date. (Click on diagram above to enlarge). Please specify whether you wish to include the optional kindling shelf.


I cannot believe how easy it was to put together - if only all self-assembly was that easy. It is exactly what we needed. 
Andrew, Surrey.

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