Style-W-bin-box-open-P609.jpgWheelie bin and recycling box store with cover removed. This example cost £816 including delivery.

Style-W-bin-cover-removed-N591.jpgWheelie bin and log store with cover removed. This one cost £816 including delivery.

Wheelie-bin-size-240.jpgExample of a 240L wheelie bin showing its size

Wheelie-bin-size-180.jpgExample of a 180L wheelie bin showing its size


Wheelie-bin-out-of-sight.jpgWheelie bin hidden behind cover



Wheelie bin storage unit - Style W

Price: Style W storage units are made-to-measure and priced individually based on the number and size of wheelie bins and the number and size of recycling boxes. This design does not need an opening roof above the wheelie bins as there is plenty of space below the roof to open the bin lid and deposit the waste.

The price given in any quotation will include the cost of delivery. Each unit is despatched on a pallet as a self-assembly kit with all fixings and illustrated instructions included.

We accept payment by credit card, debit card or bank transfer.

Availability: The lead time is currently three to four weeks, depending on size required.

To get a quotation, please complete the questionnaire below and submit it to us or call us on 01691 648016.

Specifying a Style W storage unit

The Style W stores are derivatives of our log stores Style A (with a forward sloping roof), Style B (with a backward sloping roof) or Style C (with a ridged roof) 

The Styles W(type a) and W(type b) can have a bay for one, two or three wheelie bins, and/or a bay for one, two or three recycling boxes plus a further optional bay for log storage. The bay for the wheelie bins can be fitted with a drop-on door if required. The bay for the recycling boxes can have an optional hinged door. If you need space for more than three wheelie bins, please give us a call.

The Style W(type c) can be built with a divider along the line of the ridge with wheelie bin storage on one side and log storage on the other.

Domestic wheelie bins are built to British Standard and the size is moulded on the front just below the lid. The bins in domestic use are 140 litres, 180 litres, 190 litres and 240 litres. Please specify the size or sizes you need to store.

Recycling boxes seem to very variable in size so we will need the overall height, width and depth of each one.

  • We can make units as one bay (for just wheelie bins) or as two bays (with bins and either recycling box storage or for logs) or as three bays (with all three).
  • The standard height of the Style Bw store  is 1.68m and depth 0.8m. The width depends on the various options selected. The height can be increased if required to create more storage if the log store option is taken.
  • The sequence of bays can be in any order.
  • The wheelie bin bay can accommodate one, two or three bins. This bay can have an optional lift-off door for one or two bins only. The door for three bins would be too heavy to lift, so you might wish to split the bins across more bays.
  • The recycling box bay can accommodate one, two or three boxes on individual shelves.

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The volume of each wheelie bin (eg 240L) is moulded into the front lip of each bin