Style-X-wheelie-bin-store-N467_left.jpgStyle X wheelie bin/log store as seem from the bin side, the log store is accessed from the left hand side out of view

Wheelie bin store and log storage unit - Style X

Price: Style X wheelie bin storage units are made-to-measure and priced individually based on the number and size of Wheelie bins and amount of log storage required.

The price given in any quotation will include the cost of delivery. Because of their size, each unit is delivered to your address by ourselves and assembled for you on a prepared site.

The example illustrated in the pictures on this page cost £1,450 inclusive of delivery.

We accept payment by credit card, debit card or by bank transfer.

Availability: The lead time is currently four to six weeks, depending on size and the distance from us.

To get a quotation, please complete the questionnaire below and submit it to us or call us on 01691 648026.

Specifying a Style X wheelie bin storage unit

The Style X wheelie bin storage unit and log store is a larger unit with a central divider. One side – without a floor – is used to store wheelie bins and the other – with floor and two bays is used for log storage. The siting of the store needs to provide access from both sides. One end could be up against a building or fence or the structure can be free-standing.

The width is governed either by the width required for the wheelie bins or by the log storage requirements. This, and other dimensions will be discussed when you first approach us.

Get a Wheelie bin store quote

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