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Wheelie bin storage and recycling box stores

We specialise in designing and building you storage units that will accommodate the variety of bins and boxes you use. It could have one bay for wheelie bins, another with shelving for recycling boxes and a further one for log storage. You could have any combination of these.

These are all made using timber we have grown in our forest on the foothills of the Berwyn Mountains in Wales. The base, sides and back are made of Douglas fir – a durable wood with a lovely pink colour. The roof is made of Norway spruce.

The two styles we offer are:

  • Style W  Wheelie Bin Storage unit with a backward sloping roof where everything is available from the front.
  • Style X  Wheelie Bin Log store with a double-pitch roof and a central divider where the bins are accessed from one side and logs are stored on the other side.

Click the picture or Style to see how we might produce a store design for you.

Wheelie Bin Storage - Log store design and plans

Edistone makes extensive use of computer design systems to create it store plans. With a variety of designs, this is essential to make the exact pattern and size that our customers ask us to build. This also helps to ensure that we ship out our stores on time every time without fail.

When you request a quotation, we go through a preliminary computer-based design process to work out the total dimensions, including roof overhangs and openings heights and then check that you have the space required. We also calculate the price. If you request a quotation either by phone or online, we try to get a quotation to you before the end of the same day.

After you have placed your order, we use our own computer-based design method to produce detailed design plans. These provide the dimensions and angles of each piece of timber and calculate the spacings used to assemble all of the panels. This ensures that all of the panels fit together first time and makes it easy for you to assemble the store when it arrives.

We will be happy to design and build any type of store pattern that you request – if it will fit into our workshop and can be delivered by our carrier.