We continue to specialise in customised log stores whether it is for a particular size or to meet specific design requirements. This year, we have seen a rise in requests for stores with slate or tile roofing. We supply the store with a roof structure that allows the customers fit their own tiles or slates.

 Log store with slate roof.JPG

We recently had a call from Central London. With a very small garden, the customer wanted a log store with the roof made into a planter for succulents. This was a new departure for us but it is now delivered and planted.

Log store with planter roof.jpg

During the past year, we have also supplied an interesting combination store for logs, a wheelie bin and recycling boxes. The challenge was to align the openings with structure it had to fit within, as you can see in the picture.

Storage for logs, wheelie bin and recycling boxes.JPG

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