Harvesting Norway Spruce for our Wood Stores

If a forest left to itself, it gradually falls into decay and does not produce the quality timber we require to make the log stores and bin stores for you. It is also important that they are managed to provide the range of healthy habits for the wealth of plant, animal and bird life we support.

Wood Landing - For our Wood Stores

This week we have been harvesting Norway spruce. These particular trees were planted in 1951 as nurse trees in an Oak plantation. The faster growing spruce trees draw the Oaks up to encourage them to hand long clean stems. The spruce has now done its job and should probable have been removed before now. They are now overtopping the Oak and restricting the light getting to the Oak crowns that want to expend.

Harvesting Norway Spruce for Wood Stores

So the task this week has been to remove these 30m high spruce trees without damaging the Oaks. The trees are cut down using a chainsaw and edge and then the stems are brashed and the branches left in the wood to break down and fertilise the next crops. Meanwhile, the stems have been winched up to the wood yard and cut into saw-log lengths. Over the coming weeks, they will be milled into roofing boards for all of our stores and pallet boards on which the log store and bin stores are delivered.

Stacked Logs to create our Wood StoresTimber hauling for our Wood Stores

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