Wood Stores Made From Our Forest

Lake Vyrnwy Dam and Straining Tower

All of our log stores and bin stores are made from timber we have grown in our 30 hectare  (70 acre)  forest that lies on the leeward side of the Berwyn Mountains only a few miles from Lake Vyrnwy.

This lake is the reservoir built at the end of the nineteenth century to supply water to the then rapidly growing City of Liverpool. At the time of its construction, it was the largest man-made Lake in Europe and the site was chosen in part because of the area’s high rainfall.

As the water-laden air comes off the Atlantic Ocean and rises over Snowdonia and the Berwyn Mountains, much of the moisture falls as rain around the Vyrnwy valley and rather drier air comes down our valley to supply our forest. This provides our forest with wonderful conditions for growing quality Oak, Douglas fir and Norway spruce. In fact we have 35 species of tree growing here and, although it is a commercial forest, it is a walker’s paradise.

So if you would like a store where the timber has a proven providence tree was planted, you can visit us at www.edistone.com and see our Classic Log Stores, Custom Log Stores and Wheelie Bin Storage 

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