We specialise in designing and building you a log store that fits exactly into the space you have available in the style that suits the place where it is to be located. It could have any number of bays, although units with one bay and two bays are the most popular. The advantage of two bays is that you could be using one bay while filling the other or letting a second batch dry properly. Three or more bays give additional capacity.

These are all made using timber we have grown in our forest on the foothills of the Berwyn Mountains in Wales close to Lake Vyrnwy. The base, sides and back are made of Douglas fir – a durable wood with a lovely pink colour. The roof is made of Norway spruce.

A log store just for you

Imagine having a custom log store that exactly fits the space you have or maybe is just the right size for the quantity of logs you wish to store.

We specialise in making bespoke log stores. You can select the Style that suits you, determine the number of bays you want and specify the exact dimensions you require.

If you choose two or more bays, you could be using a dry batch of logs from one bay while another bay is drying logs ready for use later on.

Made from our own Welsh timber

All of our log stores are made from timber we have grown, harvested and processed in our own forest in North Powys near Lake Vyrnwy (that supplies its water to Liverpool). All but the roof of each log storage unit is made of Douglas fir with its lovely pink colour. The roofing is made of Norway spruce.

You can select additional features

You can choose to have a kindling shelf in any of the Styles except Style C. Ventilated doors are also an option. A further option we offer is a dedicated bay for a wheelie bin or recycling boxes.

Choose your log store Style

The four styles we offer are:

-          Log store with a forward sloping roof – Style A

-          Log store with a backwards sloping roof – Style B

-          Log store with a double-pitch roof – Style C

-          Log store with a front-to-back ridge – Style S

CLICK the Style you would like for further details.

Designing your log store

When you ask for a quotation, we use computer-aided tools to design a unique log store for you. This checks that all the dimensions and requirements make sense. We may suggest alternative solutions if, for example, the roof comes down too low or if there is not enough height for the wheelie bin.

When the order is placed, we use another set of computer-based tools to detail the design and create manufacturing instructions for each component and assembly. This gives us confidence that we are making the log storage unit you were expecting.

Our customers have kindly sent us pictures of the log stores they have received as shown throughout this web site. If you do not see anything that matches your expectation, please give us a call. Many of the new designs we have introduced over the years have come about from requests from people like you.

We will be happy to design and build any type of log store pattern that you request – if it will fit into our workshop.

Make, Deliver and Build

All log stores are fully assembled here before they are dismantled and packed onto a pallet in panel form for despatch. Each comes with fully illustrated instructions that describe that particular configuration. A full set of fixings making the log storage unit easy to assemble.


Made to Measure Log Stores