Managing the wide variety of log store requests we receive

Our speciality is to make stores to the specific size and design you require. We have many requests that expect us to have standard sizes or go up in increments of, say, 10cm. But we don’t. You can have whatever size you like as long as we can pack the panels for shipment.

Custom Log Store Design in Landscape

So how do we do it?

Over the years, we have invested heavily in computer-based design tools so that, given the choice of design, the dimensions and features, we can plug in the numbers and quickly check how it might be built and packed. We also calculate the dimension and shape of every board and the position of all the fixing points.

Early on, there was a lot of adjustment and fitting on the workbench. This was not only time consuming but also gave rise to quality issues that had to be resolved on assembly. Now, with our computer-based design tools, the panels are made independently in the knowledge that they will fit together first time. This has not only made the manufacturing easier – it has also enhanced the quality of everything we now make.

Made to Measure Log Store that fits under window

In addition, because we fell and mill our own timber, we can choose a length of board that is brought down to the workshop. We have found that, if we mill everything to a length of 3.8m, the amount of timber left over is very small. Lengths left over from one order invariably get used on the following order or the one after that. This is less true of roofing boards and here the leftover lengths are made into bird nesting boxes that we sell at local coffee mornings to raise funds for Action for Children or local charities.

Made to Measure Log Store that fits in narrow space

So, what size of space you have, we can either make a unit to those exact dimensions or help you to explore how to best use the space available and fulfill the purpose you have in mind.

If you'd like to know more about ordering custom log stores, please contact us for more information or see our custom log stores

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