Two bay or not two bay? – a very good question

Our customers will often ask whether they need one bay or two. So this week I thought I would illustrate when one bay is fine and when two bays are essential. I then go on to explain why the way we build our two bay log stores is so important.

Custom One Bay Log Store

A single bay log store is more than adequate if your log supplier can guarantee that the wood delivered has a moisture-content less than 20%. It is also appropriate where that supplier can always deliver again before the last batch has been used up.

However, if your supplier delivers logs that have not been properly dried or you are preparing logs yourselves, you will need separate spaces for the logs you are using and the logs you are trying to get properly dry.

Custom Two Bay Log Store

Similarly, if you need a reserve in case the supplier cannot deliver often enough, you may need two or possibly three bays to make sure that you do not run out particularly in cold weather.  We used to supply firewood ourselves and we would always hold sufficient stocks to keep our customers supplied through the coldest of winters. In bad winters, we have known other suppliers run out of timber in February just when customer demand was highest.

Log Store Two Bay Centre Panel

It is now worth checking how the log stores with more than bay are constructed. The side walls and central divider panels need to be equally strong so that, when one bay is full and the other empty, there is sufficient structural strength to support that full bay of logs. The panels on Edistone log stores that divide one bay from another are built to the same standard as the side walls. This ensures that they are adequately strong for the job.

If you are still uncertain or need guidance on the way our log store are built, please get in touch on 01691 648731 and we will happy to talk to you. Alternatively, you can peruse our range of log store designs at Made to Measure Log Stores

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